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About casting process:
1.Mold production:High precision mold using three D design, production and processing center.
2.Wax production:Automatic pressure wax machine, the use of low-temperature wax or wax (depending on the product).
3.Shell:James pulp using a vacuum, deep, blind holes, slots, fonts, etc. can be clearly cast dead binder silica sol, sol & mdash; water glass composite. (Depending on the product).
4.Melting: Shuttering sintering using oil furnace. Medium frequency furnace melting furnace. Casting method (gravity). 5. After treatment: clean sand, cutting, shot blasting, sandblasting, argon welding, heat treatment, pickling, passivation, correction.
7.Polishing (some products). CT3 higher level of dimensional accuracy, surface roughness of 1.6-3.2.
The company's advanced technology Casting About:
A The use of advanced three-dimensional design software SOLIDWORKS mold, mold design can be directly input machining center, to ensure the accuracy of the system out of the wax does not exceed + _0.03MM, which for the production of high precision casting foundation.
B Imported warm wax, wax imported hydraulic press machine.
C Wax mold assembly technology uses "pouring cup feeding capacity Law" --- the provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.
D Shell stick vacuum pulp machine, using the North's most advanced adhesives, wetting agents and collapsing agent, to ensure that the shuttering of the sandwich, the dead can be evenly coated with the slurry, to avoid casting to produce & quot; iron beans & quot; , deep, blind holes, slots, fonts, etc. can be clearly cast out the dead.
E Microseismic pouring casting, pressure casting (the introduction of foreign technology).
F Casting finishing correction, variable-type thin-walled castings for a variety of specific correction mold design, with the pressure, knock, folders, and other unique process methods and know-how to make complex castings to achieve high precision requirements.
G Machining:It has advanced machining centers and CNC lathes. It can produce high precision machined parts.
H Detect:Have Coordinate detector and other advanced detection equipment.
I New product development and process management:In strict accordance with the company's ISO program file execution.