Casting Features

Compared with other casting methods and parts forming methods, investment casting has the following characteristics:
1. Investment casting achieves high precision of castings which can reach 4 to 6 grade, Ra 1.6 to 3.2μm, thereby greatly reducing the allowance for machining and achieving zero allowance.
2. Investment casting can produce complex castings that are difficult to be made by other process, such as impellers, hollow blades, and provide more flexibility for the product design.
3. Investment Casting can use a variety of alloy materials such as carbon steel-stellite, stainless steel and alloy steel.
4. Investment casting has high production flexibility and strong adaptability. The mold can be made from a various kinds of materials and technical processes. This makes the tool molds suitable for large-scale production, small-batch production and single-piece production. However the investment casting also has certain limitations such as complex process, long production lead-time, limit of parts size and slow casting cooling speed.